Solar Products For Your RV, Boat Or Small Cabin

by admin

There is a lot of hype these days about going green and using the sun’s rays to energize your home, but did you know that there are solar products made especially for your RV, boat or small cabin? This post will describe the newer technology made just for these items.

There are many different types of solar kits specialized in providing your RV, boat or small cabin with solar energy. Most kits are available from 55 to 155 WATTS, with expansions available. What you will need will depend on the use of you RV, boat or cabin. For those that just use them over a weekend may only need a small solar kit. For someone living in one full time, it may mean a much larger system. These systems will provide your RV, boat or small cabin with decades of clean, reliable solar energy.

While considering a solar system for your RV, boat or small cabin, it is good to ask yourself, is it worth it and why? Most of us know, buying and installing a solar energy system isn’t cheap, but there are benefits. You will save in generator fuel, wear and maintenance. Running a generator at night can be loud and annoy others in a camping area. As a matter of fact, some places do not allow generator use in the evening. Solar power is one hundred percent silent. For some, the fuel costs, wear and maintenance of generators are not worth the hassle. Only you can decide.

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