Give Your Business an Eco-Friendly Makeover

by admin

Between the hustle and bustle of your home life and your work life, it’s tough to keep the environment as your top priority at all hours of the day – so let’s take it one step it at a time and start with your business.

As a business owner, the top concerns are cutting your costs, increasing your revenue and generating a profit. You might be skeptical as to how those efforts can coincide with a greener philosophy. Well, believe it or not, taking an Eco-friendly approach is actually one of the easiest ways to improve your budget.

Just think about the amount of energy your business spends every day on lighting alone. If you’re part of the corporate world, your office space could require a massive amount of kilowatts each and every day. One way to alley the damage done on your electric bill is by switching to CFLs. A CFL is a more efficient, environmentally friendly form of light bulb that emits the same amount of light as a traditional incandescent bulb without all the energy usage. That could work wonders if you’ve got dozens of offices and cubes to light.

You can also steer your business in an Eco-friendly direction by taking the time to evaluate your electricity retailer. In deregulated markets, people have the option to choose exactly who supplies their electricity. Most of these suppliers offer green energy plans – some of which come at a surprisingly affordable rate. Look at the green energy rates suggested on a site like Texas Electricity Prviders and see how they compare to what you’re currently paying. Wouldn’t it be great if you could actually pay less for your electricity while doing your part for the environment? You never know until you take a look.

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